I’ve Moved!

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Thanks for stopping by. I’ve officially moved to www.freddieisnice.com

Come see the new space!



Coming Soon

•April 12, 2011 • 4 Comments

Hi guys. I’ve been in the process of revamping (not vamping) this blog for quite some time. It’s been in the works, but it’s so close!  Check back in a couple days, I can’t promise it will change your life, but it will be something.  And in the meantime, feel free to provide me with content suggestions!  Ask a question, shoot me a topic…in the comments!

Love you all,


My First Time

•April 1, 2011 • 3 Comments




This past weekend we took our first trip with the babychild. It was a six hour drive to see friends in Champaign-Urbana, IL. It did take longer with diaper changes and feedings, but overall it was great. I feel like now we can travel the world!  It was a good first for the Karulkars despite a couple minor “incidents” regarding diapers and poo. Nothing we couldnt handle.

The highlights of our first trip:

Elias met tons of friends for the first time, including Leyla, daughter of great friends, The Spindlers.

Jason and Marcela were married!

The Amazing Race gang was reunited for a night.

Wonderful conversations about God and life, inspiring to say the least.

Time spent with The Grogans, my second family, and now Elias’ too.

Time with the husband.

A visit to Stone Creek Church, a great word, worship and so many wonderful people. Lunch and coffee with more great friends.

I can’t name all the people we saw, so I mostly left out the specifics. Of course there’s never enough time to catch up with everyone. However, I left feeling refreshed and full.

I hope that I am the kind of person who brings joy to others like so many do for me. Chambana will always be a second home to me.

The Random Recap

•March 4, 2011 • 4 Comments

This week has gone really fast. I remember Monday. I remember thinking, wow, I have a lot to do and be a part of this week!  Well, here are some things about my week.

Realization: somewhere during pregnancy I started liking sweets. This is bad.

I don’t eat dairy anymore. The Dr. thinks it could be affecting Elias. So I’m giving it a try. It’s really hard, I miss eating handfuls of cheese.

We are trying to help Elias sleep better, he’s much happier when he does. Well, really we all are! Next we’ll work on mom’s sleep.

RC United (small groups) kicked off this week, we had 5 people at our house, good food, great conversation and prayer. I am a big fan.

I got a massage, free, from the hospital, for having a baby. I should have babies more often. Wait, uh, maybe I’ll pay for the next one.

Time with God is so important, I don’t like who I am when I don’t find my strength in Him!

I swear, every time Mo is out for the evening I eat half the box of animal crackers!  I’m addicted to the Aldi brand.

I love starting a conversation with the clerk. If you are too interested they start to look at you crazy, but people matter so I do it anyway.

Part of my nighttime routine is setting up the coffee maker for auto brew and refilling the humidifiers. I can’t go to bed until it’s done.  I’ve even stopped brushing my teeth when I run out of time.

Mardi Gras Outreach #14 is in session NOW. It is the first in 14 years that I’ve missed. Since I’m not there I’ve been praying extra for my friends, leaders, for the beautiful city and people of New Orleans. Huge things will happen this week, and people will know Jesus!  Winning!

Elias is super cute, but he doesn’t like it when I sleep too much.

I’m planning ahead, working out details for trips and vacations we may take this year. We might actually know our schedule in advance.

I still brush my teeth.

The massage was much needed, it was glorious. Jesus loves me!

Tell us something from your week!

Fun Times and Dirty Laundry

•February 24, 2011 • 10 Comments

Being a stay at home mom isn’t at all what I thought it might be. Seeing so much more of my house everyday is strange since I am used to running here and there, hardly being home some days. Well, life has changed!

Staying closer to home is interesting. My pace has slowed a bit. In slowing down I remembered that I actually love doing laundry, and some other chores.  Yes, I do. I like when all the chores get done, and the house is organized. Not that I actually have time to do everything even though I’m home more, but I remember how much I like to get them done. Maybe I’m weird.

I think  it’s the feeling of clean, organized, and put together that makes me like it.  It’s something attainable, and when the hamper and the floor are free of dirty laundry, I’m so happy. One thing i’ve noticed, the laundry has doubled just by adding one little guy! There is definitely a spiritual application in here, but i’ll let you find it!

What is something weird that you like to do? Why?

2 months

•February 17, 2011 • 6 Comments

Wow, I still remember waiting for this little guy. Counting down the days…now we’re counting up!

Elias is two months old today!

(his friend Isaac is one year today)

Parenting with Mohan has been an adventure! I have to say it, he is a wonderful husband and dad! I’m so grateful for the constant love and support. Ooo I gotta think of something real good for Fathers Day! 

I’m also thankful for YOU, the wonderful friends who have helped and prayed and been so awesome.  There’s so much to look forward to!

Here’s a couple pictures from this week!


Everyday Valentine

•February 14, 2011 • 5 Comments

Everyone has their opinion of February 14. When I was younger I used to hate it.

During my freshman year of college we thought it’d be cool to have a anti-valentine’s party. While the other girls (the non-jaded ones) got ready for special evenings, received cards, flowers and candy, we made fun and burnt microwave popcorn. Looking back it was pathetic, and probably a cry for help. Not to mention when you get a bunch of sad, miserable and negative people together for any cause..it probably won’t turn out to be anything worthwhile. In fact, my cousin ruined my party by sending me yellow roses, he had them delivered to my dorm, and totally killed our party! So we disbanded, and went to read our bibles, or something.

Since then I have decided  instead make the most of February 14. Note: I actually never had a valentine until my husband a few uears ago, and it didnt really bother me. Usually when things bother us, or get us all worked up it’s because we’re not happy with who we are. We buy into the holiday and the need for the wrong kind of love and attention. We don’t need cards, candy and kisses. We need LOVE. We only find true love from knowing Christ.

And for goodness sake, if you are single and wish you weren’t, stop sulking, it’s not attractive! Find someone in your life, or a complete stranger and make their day special! Do for others what you want…

I do think we sould celebrate and take the opportunity to do something special, not generic, on these holidays. But, it really shouldn’t stop there! Love should come from within us, and we should give freely.

The yellow roses taught me many lessons. What if everyday was Valentine’s Day? What if we showed others the love and attention that we desire? What if we were deliberate about love?

How will you give generously this Valentine’s Day? Do you have a valentine? Find one, you still have time. If nothing else deliver cookies to someone, and eat some too!